Sunday, February 23, 2014

Workroom Barcelona.

This weekend I had the chance to visit Workroom Barcelona with some Ilion colleagues. We got mesmerized by Carlos Grangel and Marcelo Vignali art and speech. I also got some great advices from Marcelo about my work. Thanks man, I really appreciate it!
Marcelo Vignali.
Carlos Grangel.

Workroom Barcelona films & Games Art Direction is a project designed for professionals of the audiovisual sector that want to explore new ideas and experiences to help them to develop their projects.
The aim of bringing three great artists that will talk about : cinema, video games, illustration and design, is to turn Workroom Barcelona films & Games Art Direction into a participative place where you can share projects and creative ideas.
At Workroom Barcelona films & Games Art Direction we will have the opportunity to share ideas with Marcelo Vignali, the current art director at Sony Pictures Animation, Carles Grangel, style and character creator for filmmakers like Tim Burton and Steven Spielberg, and Antxon Gómez, an art director known for his regular collaboration with Pedro Almodóvar and awarded with a Goya prize for “Che, el Argentino” (2008). We will also have artists from Digital Legends (Daniel Pérez), a video game developing company.