Friday, January 19, 2007

Maxwell Grandmother Portrait

Here it is the Maxwell´s grandmother.This is an illustration I made for Keytoon Animation Studio.
This illustration was made as part of the forniture were all the action happens in the Keyoon´s last animation short " The Grandfather of Soul ".

You can have a look to this funny short in the Keytoon web site :

If you want to know more about keytoon you can visit their blog at

I hadn't get this final "classical paint" look with out the pluging-master Santi Sapone, one of my keytoon jobmates..He is a Human-shearch-machine and can find anithing you need in the net and make it work, and above all a creative artist (You can visit his blog in
The illustration was made with Photoshop CS.
I hope you will enjoy it.